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You need experienced attorneys who tailor their approach for each case. Because no two cases are the same, the attorneys at Gray & Gray focus on you, your needs, and your case. While the best result in family law cases is often a negotiated settlement, we know this isn’t always possible. We are here to help you navigate the emotions of your case while helping you make informed, educated decisions.

“Family Law” is a broad term that encompasses a lot of things, including the initial divorce (as the result of a marriage or civil union, including same-sex couples), post-divorce issues (including enforcement and modification of court orders), parentage and paternity (where parties have a child but were never married), and all matters related to the family unit. Whether your case involves your family, your marriage, your assets, your children, or any other family law matter, our attorneys have the experience and depth of knowledge to guide you and provide practical advice that actually matters. We set the standard, and we will help you through this difficult time in your life.

Gray & Gray also provides services in the areas of wills/estates, probate, auto accidents, personal injuries, and civil litigation.

Gray&Gray: Wills & Estates / Probate

Planning your estate and end of life care can be an emotional and difficult process.  Handling these issues now not only gives you peace of mind, but can ease the suffering and uncertainty of your family and heirs at a difficult time.  Attorney Robert Gray provides clear guidance to you so that your estate and health care plans are resolved and those difficult decisions are made.  Attorney Gray provides services relative to power of attorney for both health care and property matters; having these documents in place will provide you with the comfort you seek in knowing that these decisions will not be left to your family and loved ones.  Attorney Gray also provides services relative to simple estate and trust planning, including the drafting of simple wills.  He also has experience in litigation in which wills are disputed and in cases in which the deceased left no will or estate plan.   

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The attorneys at Gray & Gray, LLC fully understand the emotional and financial toll a divorce can take on a family. We will answer your questions and educate you to help you make an informed, well-reasoned decision.

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